Singled Out: The Heavy Duty Trailer Market’s First Single Acting Hydraulic Jack

Always moving the trailer industry forward, we are introducing the new Stillwell Single-Acting Atlas Jack and NeXgen Single-Acting Adapter. No one else on the market has a single-acting hydraulic jack; making this product stand out as the first of its kind.

Everyone knows that hydraulics are the “muscles that move the machine”1 and our new jack is no exception. The Single-Acting Jack can be easily adapted to pre-existing single-acting systems, such as Telescopic dump trailers. It’s a simple offering for customers to make their lives’ easier with this hydraulic upgrade. Our OEM Sales professional, Ethan Formo, sums it up perfectly: “No one shovels their load manually, that’s what a dump trailer is for. So, why would you crank manually?”

The jack system itself is bolt-on, easy to install and is designed to be fast and durable. Our one-of-a-kind single-acting jack uses compressed air to retract, versus a wearable spring, making this system tough and low-maintenance.

Even better, this jack is highly versatile and can be used on a double acting or single acting hydraulic system making it a breeze to meet fluctuating client demands.

When planning production, the Atlas hydraulic trailer jack can be utilized with a traditional scissor hoist dump system with a double acting power unit, or telescoping dump trailer system with single acting power unit. Installation is made easy using our NeXgen Valves and Adapters and readily available NeXflex hydraulic hose

After Beta-testing the single acting hydraulic trailer jack system, the product speaks for itself.  

“Our clients who have had a chance to try our single-acting jacks absolutely love them,” said Aaron Nelson, Stillwell OEM Sales professional. When asked why they love them, his answer was simple, “Quality.” Anyone who knows Stillwell, knows that we pride ourselves on quality and innovation; and that is exactly what you get with the new Stillwell Single-Acting Jack. 

Contact your OEM or Dealer Sales Professional. If you do not have a representative already, reach our sales department directly at:

(507) 778-5278

For more information, view our downloadable PDFs for an installation guide and product specs. 




1 Ethan Formo, OEM Sales. 06/20/2024.Stilwell, Inc. Burnsviille, MN, USA.