Where We Were

Our story starts back in the heat of summer with a frustrated young man who couldn’t get his dump trailer unhooked from his truck. Fully loaded to the brim again and tired after a long day, the last thing he wanted to do was wrestle with this crank jack; dreading the thought of it all the way to the shop. He had to use a floor jack to lift the tongue a bit then crank the jack down, and little by little finally unhook it. This frustration got me to say the magic words we all say, “there’s got to be a better way”.

After years of prototypes and testing my partner and I were able to build the very best universal hydraulic trailer jack. Our recipe to this success was to surround ourselves and the jack with those who have been there and done it, in the trailer industry. We partnered with the best engineers from around the world who design and manufacturer hydraulic seals, cylinders and parts for industry leaders in agriculture, earthmoving equipment, automotive and U.S Military. After 4 years of R&D we were finally on our way.

Stillwell Jacks was a company with one goal; to provide its customers with the very best quality and innovative hydraulic jacks for their industry. We achieved this through using the best quality materials and working with the best team of engineers and technicians. However, this was only the beginning of where this goal and execution would take us.

Where We Are

Today, Stillwell, Inc. operates as a multinational corporation. Specializing in hydraulics, our flagship jack line allowed us to grow to complete offerings in hydraulic hose, cylinders, power units, etc. We serve a variety of industries through innovative products and processes, that are custom tailored to each industry. Our ability to quickly make decisions and diversify our offerings has allowed us to grow as a partner with many of our established customers.

We have established new product offerings and innovations by partnering with our customers and solving their pain points. Whether that is a quality control, supply chain, or price issue, our team is always working on your behalf to make your product and process better. We are your cheapest employee because when it is all said and done, we work for you.

Where We Are Going

Our goal and plan is to grow with you. All of our innovations and product lines have come from our partnerships and the ability to solve their problems. We are working to grow our customer base in Aerospace, Construction, Agriculture, etc. With recent acquisitions we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities in Texas and continue to invest in better people and equipment to grow our offerings.

Locations and Hours

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