DURO 12K Hydraulic Jacks

Simple Use and Installation Without Sacrifice

The Duro Hydraulic Trailer Jack provides a bolt-through jack design. The design of the Duro allows for easy welding, painting and assembly. All components are sourced and manufactured in the U.S!


The structural components of the Duro are laser cut and robotically welded, providing a repeatable quality to every part.


The Duro includes the Stillwell standards of machining and engineered cylinders, which are made to last the lifetime of your trailer.


Let the jack do the work, both in your manufacturing process and the end user’s daily operation, the Duro makes it easy.

Start upgrading your products today

The Duro 12k Hydraulic Trailer Jack is a straight-forward and uncomplicated way to increase the value of your product today. Backed by our constant commitment to quality and innovation, the Duro will meet any standards you have and more! Ready to get started? Please reach out and Contact Us.