Pre-Fabricated Hoses

Domestic Manufacturing Capability and Warehouseing

Order your hoses manufactured by our team in Texas and ship in kits or individual sizes directly to your manufacturing or distribution site.


Our prefabricated hoses are cut to your specified length and are accurate to the hundredth of an inch. Provided a repeatable quality fit and finish.


Whether ordering one size in bulk or standardized kits we have the capacity to build, stock, and ship to meet your demands.


Our crimping machines ensure a proper fit every time that is backed by our hoses being safety tested before shipping to you.

Standardize your production line

Our variety of hoses and adapters allow you to standardize your hydraulic lines to match with your cylinders, manifolds, pumps, etc. For more information about how our hose manufacturing pairs with our other product lines and your process, please Contact Us.

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