Hydraulic Trailer Jacks

What are hydraulic trailer jacks?

Hydraulic trailer jacks are a high-speed, durable alternative to the standard crank style trailer jacks used on trailers. With a wide range of applications, hydraulic trailer jacks rely on a hydraulic power unit to lift and level the trailer. Each jack is designed with a different weight rating based on the size of the piston and the operating pressure (P.S.I.) of the hydraulic power unit. Stillwell, Inc. offers a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate any industrial application. The complete line up of Stillwell Jacks are sourced from U.S. materials and manufactured in Burnsville, Minnesota and Cleburne, Texas

Which jack is right for you?

Stillwell offers a wide variety of hydraulic trailer jacks to fit any application. Whether it’s a bumper pull trailer, horse or livestock trailer, or equipment trailer, we have the perfect jack to fit your needs.

To select the appropriate hydraulic trailer jack for your application, please consider the following:

  1. What is the style of the trailer: Heavy duty equipment trailers will need a greater load holding capacity than a bumper pull cargo trailer. Each hydraulic trailer jack can be fitted with manifolds and other accessories to assist in their optimal functioning. Trailer models such as a dump trailer will utilize the neXgen 6 Port Ball Valve to tie a hydraulic trailer jack to the existing hydraulic dump circuit using the same hydraulic power unit.
  2. What is the Gross Trailer Weight Rating (GTWR): The GTWR is combination of the weight of the trailer and the approved pay load as established by the manufacturer. Knowing the GTWR will allow you to calculate the tongue weight of the trailer. The standard tongue weight of a conventional ball-mounted hitch is roughly 10 to 15 percent of the GTWR. For a gooseneck or fifth wheel trailer the tongue weight will fall between 15 and 30 percent.
  3. How will I mount and finish the jack: Most Stillwell Jacks can be outfitted with a bolt on style mounting bracket and powder coat finish. Options can be manufacturer specific or the optional universal bracket design. Some styles of hydraulic trailer jacks offer a manufacturers option (OEM) that allows for welding and finishing directly to the trailer.

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