Vaquero Hydraulic Jack System

An All-in-one Hydraulic Trailer Jack Built for You

The Vaquero hydraulic jack package was designed to be a self-contained hydraulic trailer jack unit. Using either the Stillwell Atlas or Tradesman jack, the Vaquero was made specifically for horse and livestock trailers but has a wide range of applications.


The Vaquero uses custom molded steel and plastic components for a tailored fit that looks and functions at the top of its class.


A multi-stage power unit allows the Vaquero to function at a speed four times that of its competition.


The Vaquero can be adapted in a variety of ways that save space and time for many hydraulic applications.

A hydraulic trailer jack at the top of its class

Why settle for less when you can have it all? With a customizable bolt on design the Vaquero Hydraulic Trailer Jack is ready to be put to work today. If you are interested in getting started, please Contact Us.

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